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Prevention Program

Developed using factual evidence and real stories, the COVC programme encourages young people to understand how the initial choice to carry a weapon, is leading many into using or having weapons used against them. Young people most at risk of carrying and using offensive weapons, look at and discuss the medical, legal, moral and safety implications of carrying weapons and then the consequences the victims and their own families face after an incident of violent crime.

This program is proving extremely effective when delivered to young people deemed most hard to reach, and those at risk of, on the cusp of or already committing criminal offences.

The presentation of COVC is informal. Participants are encouraged to join in with questions and thoughts, and are not discouraged from engaging in the programme in this fashion. Participants are actively encouraged to make decisions and talk about how and why they made them.

Part 1 is presented factually, with regular reminders that we are talking about, or reading about or looking at real victims of violent crime.
Presented by a trained employee/volunteer of the organisation

Part 2 is an emotional journey, where young people are faced with the roller coaster of emotions a family experiences when faced with the untimely murder of a loved one.
Presented by a trained family member of a victim of violent crime.

The MAMAA child protection policy is adhered to at all times by employees/volunteers.

If you are interested in the prevention program being delivered in your place of work, or would like more information please contact info@mamaa.org

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