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During the course of your loss you will have questions. The links provided here will answer many of the questions you may have. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us, and we will do all we can to find the answers for you.

Neil Hudgell Solicitors Hudgell Solicitors

Link to Home Office Home Office

Foreign Office Foreign and Commomwealth Office -

Cabinet Office -

Criminal Injuries Compenastion Authority -

Crown Prosecution Service

Department of Constitutional

Department of Health-

Parole Board for England & Wales - www.paroleboard/

Parole Board Scotland -

WAY Foundation - Supporting those who are bereaved
and young.


In the early hours of the 27th December 2008, 'one of life's Angels' Emma O'Kane (aged 27) tragically died within the Queen Anne public house in Heywood, Manchester, as she celebrated the birthday of her partner, Michael Shepherd.

Visit to learn more.

Wendy Crompton's son William and his girlfriend were killed in an horrendous attack by another man in a jealous rage when William was just 18 years old.
Wendy's experiences of what followed are set out in this book, which tells how, as a secondary victim of crime, She was treated in ways that range from unthinking insensitivity to downright prejudice and lack of respect.
This and being kept out of "the loop" left her anxious, stressed,mistrusting and suspicious of people.
Visit to learn more.

Link to Marchioness Action Group Marchioness Action Group
MAG was organised to bring to light the truth about the circumstances surrounding the collision of the dredger Bowbelle and the pleasure craft Marchioness as they were navigating the River Thames in central London on 20 August 1989. The Disaster claimed the lives of 51 people that a Coroner Jury in 1995 found to be Unlawful Killing

Link to The Child Bereavement Trust The Child Bereavement Trust
Grief in its many forms is one of the most painful experiences that anyone can suffer. Every year thousands of families experience the grief of losing a baby, child, mother, father, brother or sister. We believe families deserve the best emotional care in such a crisis.

Link to Victim Support Victim Support

Link to Winstons Wish ASSIST - Assistance Support & Self-help In Surviving Trauma
ASSIST Trauma Care provides evidence-based therapy for those suffering the effects of psychological trauma, in particular Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). P.T.S.D. is defined as an illness or disorder that is triggered by an emotionally distressing event that is outside the range of
normal human experience, e.g. road traffic accident, fire, violent attack, natural disaster, terrorist incident or traumatic bereavement.

Link to Gun Control Network Gun Control Network
Gun Control Network was set up in the aftermath of the shootings at Dunblane Primary School to campaign for tight controls over guns in the UK. GCN believes that when it comes to gun legislation and its implementation public safety must never be compromised . A number of GCN members have been directly affected by shooting incidents in which a family member was injured or killed.

Link to Gun Control Network SCARD (Support and Care After Road Death and injury)
The national organisation for everyone affected by road death or injury. We offer emotional and practical support for dealing with loss - providing services such as a 365 days a year help line, free counselling and free legal advice.

Link to Gun Control Network CADD (Campaign Against Drinking and Driving)
provide support for the families of victims killed and injured by drunk or drugged motorists. Since inception in 1985 over four thousand victim families have come to CADD seeking help after losing loved ones killed by drunk or drugged and irresponsible drivers. Others have suffered serious injuries caused by criminal drivers.

COPS (Care Of Police Survivors)
Nobody understands the trauma of a line of duty death, better than those who have endured it. Care Of Police Survivors (COPS) places new survivors in touch with those who are prepared to help others through the difficult times that lie ahead.

Story about Ryan Franklin. His details can be found at

SAMM Abroad (Support After Murder and Manslaughter Abroad) Charity No 1111724 is a British support group especially for people who are bereaved through murder or manslaughter abroad. SAMM Abroad is made up of people who have themselves been bereaved by murder and manslaughter abroad. They offer practical and emotional support to partners, families and friends of victims of murder and manslaughter abroad. Throughout the year regional meetings are held to enable families to share their experiences and to offer support to one another. SAMM Abroad is also an action group working for improvements in the support UK agencies offer families after their loved one is murdered abroad.

SAMM Merseyside (Support After Murder And Manslaughter Merseyside)

SAMM Centre Merseyside
106, Athol Street
L5 2QY

Helpline: 0151 207 6767
Office: 0151 280 4963

Police -

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