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Losing a loved one to murder or manslaughter is unlike the grief process many of us experience throughout our lives. The trauma that is associated with murder can make day to day life management, communicating, corresponding, and understanding, impossible for quite some time.

MAMAA have supported victims of violent crime, and those bereaved through murder and manslaughter since 1993. We highlight victim needs continuously, and, at every level.

Each person we support is treated as an individual. And your needs are met as such. We will help a family, whatever their needs. This book is a rough guide to the areas in which we can help. But whatever your need, we are here for you, for as long as you need us.

MAMAA support all and any victim of violent crime, and those affected by homicide or manslaughter. It doesn’t matter how your loved one was taken, or their lifestyle prior to the murder. We are non judgemental, knowing that whatever one’s lifestyle the impact of violent crime devastates. We support all age groups and ethnicities.

MAMAA recognise the individual needs of families of homicide victims tailor support around this.

MAMAA do not only support immediate family members of a victim of violent crime. Also supported are cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and community members.

Examples of how we can support you include:

· A 24/7 telephone support line, for however long is needed.

· Daily support for long periods of time.

· Periodic support, as and when you need us.

· Court attendance/accompaniment for court hearings/trials, where requested.

· Practical support such as cleaning, shopping and childcare.

· Liaison with other agencies such as FLO’s, coroners, local authorities, funeral homes and schools.

· Addressing housing, medical and legal issues and advocating on behalf of the victim.

· Assisting with funeral arrangements.

MAMAA does not have an exit strategy. We recognise that families can be affected by the impact of violent crime for many years. We will work with and support you for however long you feel you need us.

Your support worker will be dedicated to you and your needs above all else.

At the first point of contact a case file will be created. This enables us to monitor the support provided, ensuring that our involvement is effective.

The support offered to you will be reliant on the areas that you feel you need help. This will be discussed when you have your first home visit with two MAMAA support workers.

Following this your support worker will devise an action plan. Your plan could include liaison with your FLO, or writing an advocacy letter to a particular agency.

Actions listed will then be addressed immediately and you will be notified of outcomes.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your support worker you can contact MAMAA’s support manager Michelle Silvester and discuss your issues with her. She will do all she can to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Yes MAMAA does have a confidentiality policy.

A concern for many families is confidentiality. You will initially meet with two support workers. They cannot discuss you or your family or your case with anyone other than their manager. We do not work with or for any other agency. We are totally independent and there for you. We never discuss a family, individual or case with any form of media. We do not talk to other members of your family about anything we discuss.

MAMAA are legally required to disclose information in conjunction with the prevention or detection of serious crime.

Full list of all MAMAA policies

· Code Of Conduct

· Confidentiality Policy

· Data Protection Policy

· Disability Policy

· Equality And Diversity Policy

· ICT Policy

· Child Protection Policy

· Equal Opportunities Policy

· Prevention Of Harassment And Bullying Policy

· Complaints Procedure


If you are in need of support from MAMAA please contact:-

Victim Support/Advocacy Enquiries/Manager

Michelle Silvester

Phone: 020 8207 0702

E-mail: support@mamaa.org

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