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Nathan Lemech Samuel Williams
Nathan Lemech Samuel Williams, from Kennington, London, was 24 years old when he was murdered in an act of violence which police believe is case of mistaken identity.

Nathan was shot multiple times on July 28th 2009. He was waiting for a friend when the attack happened, and passed away shortly afterwards, in hospital.
The police are still investigating the case and as of yet no-one has been brought to justice.

Nathan was a devoted father to his two year old son and was working extremely hard to provide a better life for his son by studying business studies at Greenwich University. Nathan had a true passion for business and aimed to own his own. He had a part time job in Boots, so that he could provide the best for his son while he studied.

Nathan also wanted to open an enterprise for young adult men from all ethnic backgrounds. He wanted to help set them up into business. Nathan felt that a lot of young adult men had talents that were not recognised, all they needed was encouragement and support to achieve their dreams. Nathan wanted to help them with this, and sadly this was not only taken away from him, but the young adult men also.

Nathan had a sparkling personality and made all around him laugh, he was kind and considerate to his family and friends and displayed impeccable manners to all who come into contact with him. He was a considerate, caring and courageous young man who is sorely missed by those who were close to him.
His mother, Anna-Marie is devastated by her loss, and prays that one day someone is held accountable for an act that has destroyed her life and that of the rest of her family.


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