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Lee Martin Clark

Lee Martin Clark was 25 when he was murdered in April 2007. On a night out in a club in Harlow Essex, Lee was brutally attacked in the early hours of the 15th. After a week of fighting for life Lee passed away on the 22nd April from fatal head and facial injuries.

The Crown Prosecution Service accepted a manslaughter plea from the perpetrator who served only 21 months. He is currently excluded from entering any part of Harlow.

Lee was a middle child between older brother Rickie and younger sister Chelsea both of whom he was extremely close and loyal to. A hard working brick layer Lee was working towards becoming a foreman whilst spending much of his free time playing or watching his much loved football.

Lee was very popular and respected in Harlow for his strong work ethic, family values and his talent for football, so much so that following his death the local team he played for changed their name to FC Clark in tribute to him.

Lees mum, Tina, is heartbroken at her loss. Every day she misses him more, as do all of his family. Coming to terms with their loss seems an impossible task, one none of them feel they will ever achieve. Tina surrounds herself by Lee’s image in cherished photographs, needing him to be the first image she sees in the morning and the last image she sees at night. She misses him deeply and feels that a 21 month sentence was not justice for her son, or the way he suffered during and after the attack.

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