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Jacqueline Hughes

Jacqueline Hughes was a devoted partner and mother to four lovely boys, aged 14, 10, 6 and 3. They lived in Glasgow with Jacqueline and their father.

Jacqueline had concerns about the mental state of her partner, and had contacted various health chiefs pleading for some help for him. He had suffered with a history of paranoia and often refused to take his medication. Jacqueline was becoming increasingly worried that his state was becoming dangerous. Her pleas for help went tragically unanswered.

On the 19th August 2007 Jacqueline was stabbed and beaten to death by her partner and father to her children in a psychotic attack.
Jacqueline was a bright, bubbly outgoing person who was willing to help anyone in any way she could. She viewed her role of mother as the most important part of her life and doted on her children. She had a very close relationship with all of her family and they have all been left devastated at their loss.

The impact on the four boys has been tremendous, and all have suffered emotional trauma since the death of their wonderful mother.
They now live with two aunts, one of whom, Jacqueline’s sister, has had to adapt to becoming a surrogate mother to young children when she should have been enjoying being a grandmother, having raised her own family. She has had to largely put her own trauma and grief to the side, as the care of the boys fell to her as soon as her sister was murdered.

The whole family are finding it so difficult to cope after such a tragic loss, but are determined to do all they can for the four boys Jacqueline loved so much. They all miss her terribly, each and every day, and the pain of losing Jacqueline has never eased.

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