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Darcy Austin Bruce
20 year old Darcy Austin Bruce was murdered on the 1st of May 2009 when on his way to visit a friend in Wandsworth Prison. Darcy was approached by a person wearing a crash helmet, who fired shots into Darcys back and made off on the back of an accomplices’ scooter. Despite attempts of prison staff and passersby, Darcy died at the scene.
The Metropolitan Police are still investigating the crime and have put up a reward of £20,000 for information, as no-one has of yet been charged for the murder.
Darcy’s mother Karen says:
"Darcy was a loving, kind, generous and thoughtful young man, who always made us laugh and smile. You never expect these terrible things to happen to you or someone in your family, but it does and it is devastating. As a family we are just existing. Every day the pain is as fresh as the day he was first taken from us. No parent should see their child lying in a mortuary, or see and feel the bullet holes in his lifeless body, a life that was taken away by an evil monster and his accomplices. Darcy was our world. We are a very loving family and Darcy's murder leaves us with such a void of unimaginable magnitude.”
Just like the mother of Nathan Williams, Darcys mother Karen prays that someone will face the courts for what they did. She urges anyone who has any information to contact the police. Justice for her son would bring her some level of comfort, and perhaps the opportunity to learn to adapt to life without her precious son.

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