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It is often difficult for other people to hear your story. For them, unless they have had a similar experience, they may not know how to respond. They may be concerned that talking about your loved one will cause you pain or make you cry and they want to protect you or they may just not know how to respond or help. Grief and the intense associated emotions can impact at any time of the day or night. We try to put you in touch with someone who has been through a similar experience.

MAMAA will try to give you access to accurate information as soon as possible. We try to assist families and friends in trying to come to grips with the criminal justice system, with information and referral and with visits to court.

Children mourn the loss of someone special in a similar manner to adults. They feel the pain of loss and separation very strongly but they do not express the pain in the same way. They may become frustrated and have very intense mood swings. They often yell and scream at people,
sometimes other children at school and sometimes at home. At times they may withdraw from relationships, and at others they become very clingy, often refusing to let the important person in their life out of their sight.

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