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When a family member or friend is murdered, the emotional and physical pain is immense. There are no words that describe the depth and measure of that pain. The burden can sometimes be too much to bear, the feeling of isolation and loneliness seemingly sending you further and further into misery. It is understandable to think that no one can understand the pain. It is true to say that no one can fully comprehend the unique nature of your pain but there are people who have lost someone through murder who can perhaps begin to understand the pain and sorrow that you may be feeling. It is important to have some way to share your pain and grief. Being able to tell your story, not just once, but repeatedly, to someone who has shared a similar experience can help make your pain a little easier to bear. As you recount your experiences you may benefit both by a physical and emotional release. You may begin to assimilate what has happened as you hear yourself saying it. It becomes a reality.


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