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MAMAA Believe that victim’s and families of victims must have the right to:

  • All victims should have access to free trauma counselling
  • Be fully aware of their legal rights in relation to all aspects of the criminal justice system.  This to include, but not be limited to, pathologists and coroner law
  • Receive full information and explanation about the progress of their case from the outset – this information to be given sensitively, but at all times honestly, whether written or oral
  • Provide information to officials responsible for decisions relating to the offender
  • Have access to legal advice available, regardless of their financial means
  • Be treated with respect and recognition at all stages of the criminal justice proceedings
  • Read out, or elect a person to read out their impact statement, in open court 
  • Be fully aware that their impact statement and its method of delivery rely on the discretion of the judge
  • Have representation of the victim at the trial
  • Receive full support with issues that accompany the loss of a loved one through murder/manslaughter to include, but not limited to, housing and benefits
  • Be listened to and heard.  Be able to make contact whenever they want to
  • Be allowed and encouraged to make their own, fully informed decisions
  • Protection both for their privacy and for their physical safety
  • Practical support – day to day life management is no longer normal
  • Specialist support for vulnerable family members i.e.: children and those that are elderly, disabled or ill
  • Be given special consideration given for religious beliefs and customs
  • Ongoing support for as long as it is needed – not just in the aftermath of murder
  • Be awarded criminal compensation on their merit, not that of the deceased



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