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Improving the Victims Experience of the Criminal Justice System

A revised victims code, a chief coroner, PCC’s, a victims minister and commissioner, changes to CICA and probation and European Legislation all promise to improve the victims experience of the Criminal Justice System. Are those of us who come into contact with victims as part of our roles ready for the changes?

DATE:       Thursday 26th September 2013
TIME:       10.00am - 4.00pm (Reg from 9.30)
VENUE:     Hamilton House, London, WC1H 9BD

"I’ve made no bones about my intention to be a tough Justice Secretary. That means I want our justice system to be firm, fair and transparent. One in which the public have confidence. A system that punishes offenders properly. A system that supports the hard work done by our police. A system which looks after the victims of crime" - Rt Hon. Chis Grayling - October 2012

“The revised Victims' Code will tell victims what they can expect from the moment they report a crime to the end of a trial, and who to demand help from if it is not provided. At each stage the revised Code will set out the entitlements for victims as well as the duties of our Criminal Justice System services. As a statutory document it will allow victims to hold the criminal justice system to account” - Helen Grant - Minister for Justice, Victims’ and the Courts and Minister for Women and Equalities - May 2013

Confirmed Speakers
Description: * Victims Commissioner – Rt. Hon. Baroness Newlove of Warrington
Description: * Hertfordshire PCC – David Lloyd
Description: * Ben Connah Deputy Director, Victim and Criminal Proceedings Policy – MOJ
Description: * Rob Flello MP
Description: * Julien Hendy – www.hundredfamilies.org

Description: * CICA (TBC)
Description: * Justice Minister (TBC)

Feedback from previous conferences:

  • A perfect blend of speakers who clarified the current situation with regards to victim services' Inspector - Strathclyde Police
  • 'Very informative & useful to my role in the probation service' Dorset Probation Trust
  • 'Extremely interesting items & insightful presenters' Senior Home Office Rep
  • 'Interesting, relevant and thought provoking' Thames Valley Probation
  • 'Excellent conference with key speakers at the heart of the CJS to talk about developments happening currently which keeps everyone up to speed' Enfield Youth Offending Service
  • 'A real eye opener for someone who works in the CJS and thinks they take victims into account, but now realises it doesn't scratch the surface.' probation officer - London Probation Trust
  • 'Excellent.  Will be attending next year, full of information we never seem to get' Met Officer
  • 'Informative day.  I have learned a lot' Victim Support Case Worker
  • 'Gave a clear insight into the importance of FLO's and the role of the victims and witness unit' Home Office Official
  • 'Made clear the need for tailored service and the need to greatly improve access to trauma counselling' Policy And Information Officer - Home Office
  • 'greater understanding of the effect of crime on victims, I will consider this more when I see headlines and hear news stories and if this impacts on my work' Home Office Representative
  • 'listening and partnership working, the need to see all policy in the context of the individual victim' Projects Policy Manager OCJR
  • 'I will endeavour to make victims more central to the process' Restorative Justice Worker

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