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The 92 Football Club RelayThe 92 Football Club Relay is one of the most exciting fundraising events the UK has seen in recent years and one that will see over 1000 people take part in a relay to all 92 football league grounds in the country. Individuals and organisations representing every walk of life will run, cycle, free run, row, skateboard, unicycle, rollerblade, swim or use any other man powered means possible to complete their leg. The relay will be staged over 12 weeks between February and April 2012 and will cover a staggering 2200 miles across England and Wales. 

We've gained the support of Barclay's Premier League along with securing 19 match day pitch appearances including Manchester City, Arsenal and Wolves of which every participant will have a chance of being involved with. Skysports news will be running a feature of the event which will gain huge exposure nationwide.

As an organisation, we fundamentally believe that there is no place for the actions of those involved in the August riots 2011 but neither is there an excuse for society to sit back and do nothing about the endemic social causes of such outbreaks of violence. Young people are capable of extraordinary things and it is our duty to ensure that they are given the appropriate framework of support and the right platforms to become a positive force within society.To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction and the 92 Club Relay is the counter strike against the events of last August. Our journey will travel through many of the places affected by the riots and provide an opportunity to unite football and the wider community in the fight against violence. It will also provide a platform to highlight what extraordinary achievements young people can achieve – together as one we can make a difference.

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