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Has placing victims at the heart of the Criminal Justice System created a better understanding of and service delivery to victims of violent crime?
MAMAA’S annual conference was held at The Congress Centre, Central London.
Police officers, probation officers, housing officers, YOT’s, health professionals, home office officials, policy makers, solicitors victims and third sector organisations were among the delegates. 
Strategic agencies, third sector organisations and victims came together to identify needs and possible improvements and how best to address them.
Topics discussed on the day involved, clarity of service provision, the role of the probation service, what could be expected of the NVS, what we could learn from overseas, what had changed for the better under a Labour government, and what should be done to assist those affected by murder overseas.
Best practice was highlighted with an award ceremony, recognising individuals and organisations who had worked effectively with victims of violent crime.
Speakers on the day included:

Rt. Hon. David Hanson MP - Minister of State for Security, Counter-Terrorism, Crime and Policing

Lissa Matthews - Victims’ Champion Office 
Katrina Glennie - Acting Senior Probation Officer Victim Liaison Service National Probation Service
Kathleen O’Hara MAPsychotherapist & U.S Victim Advocate
Claire Ward MP – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
Ds Kate Kiernan - Family Liaison Adviser, Family Liaison Advisory Team, SCD1 Homicide & Serious Crime Command
Eve HendersonSAMM Abroad
Owen Sharp, Executive Director Operations & Deputy Chief Executive Victim Support
David Burrows MP –Member of Parliament for Enfield and shadow Minister for Justice
Chief Superintendent John Carnochan, Strathclyde Police Violence Reduction unit
After the conference delegates were asked to complete a short evaluation, results are as follows:
Why did you attend the conference?
  • For networking opportunity 21%
  • Interest in topic/relevant to my work 25%
  • To support the organisation 18%
  • Speakers 8%
  • Other 5%
  • All of above 21%
What is you level of satisfaction with the event?
  • Very satisfied 90%
  • Somewhat Satisfied 10%
How likely are you to attend this event again?
  • Very likely 85%
  • Somewhat likely 10%
  • Neutral 2%
How likely are you to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?
  • Very likely 88%
  • Somewhat likely 12%
Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following features of the event.
Very Satisfied


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